Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Winter Camp Gear
Equipment Provided
North Wind Will Provide the following for all participants:

Sleeping (Adventure and Expedition Only)

  • Sleeping system – The North Face™, Mountain Hardware™ and Midwest Mountaineering™ mummy bags (-30ºF or -40ºF), and a fleece liner. No one has ever reported to be cold at night.

  • Sleeping pads – Two Ridge Rest™ closed-cell foam pads.


  • Sock liners – 2 pair - Polyester wicking socks  
  • Socks – 2 pair - Extra heavy warmth socks, the socks Ann Bancroft wore across the South Pole
  • Boots – Sorel™ or Baffin™ boots, rated to -30?F or lower, in mens' sizes 1 to 16, with two pairs of boot liners


  • Gloves - 2 pair - Polyester wicking gloves
  • Mittens – 2 pair - Custom-made double-layer fleece mittens
  • Mitten shell – Snowproof and windproof outer shell to wear over your mittens


  • Hat (day) – A Polartec™ fleece hat with windstopper ear covers
  • Hat (sleeping) – A Polartec™ fleece hat that you keep dry all day and only wear while sleeping
  • Balaclava – A stretch-fleece full headpiece to be worn if it gets windy or very cold and can be worn at night.  This Head Hugger design includes a neck and shoulder cover.


  • Pants – We have wool pants and suspenders.
  • Shirts – Wool and fleece shirts for Scouts who need an additional layer of insulation.


  • Water bottle and carrier – We will provide a 16 oz. Nalgene water bottle with a carrier so you can wear it around your neck and close to your body so it does not freeze.


  • Duffle Bag – We will issue everyone a duffle bag to use to pick up the equipment you get from us.  This will stay in the building when you go outside on Saturday.  You can leave your personal clothes in this duffle bag when you change into your outdoor clothes.
  • Backpack – We have internal frame packs to use or you can use your own frame pack. 
  • Snowshoes – We have lightweight 25” and 30” Tubbs™ snowshoes.
  • Cross Country Skis – We have backcountry skis with bindings that will fit our boots.  

Example Equipment Issued to Every Crew

  • Crew Sleds
  • Igloo kits
  • Polar Dome kits
  • Winter tents
  • Parachute shelter
  • Shelter Tarps
  • Ground Tarps
  • Ice Chisel
  • Shovels
  • Cooking Stoves
  • Lanterns
  • Cookware
  • Kneeling Pads
  • Folding Saws
  • Fuel Bottles
  • Crew Box with first aid kit and other supplies
Participant Provided – Items Campers Need to Provide

North Wind will provide much of the equipment needed for your weekend, but following items will need to be provided by the participants:


  • Long Underwear (not cotton) – This is a very important part of a successful winter camping experience.  The biggest winter camping mistake is to wear cotton.  Cotton absorbs moisture and holds it next to the body, which then causes heat to be drawn away very rapidly.  Unfortunately, many Scouts will already own cotton long underwear.  Scouts and their parents need to be told the importance of this piece of equipment.  A non-cotton long underwear bottom and top are needed.  Medium or heavy weight is best.  Two light weight layers will work too if the participant is also involved in activities like cross country ski racing where light weight is best. Cost effective long underwear can be found at major outdoor retailers such as Gander Mountain.  Long underwear is available for rental at North Wind. Supplies and sizes are limited.
  • Upper body layers – An important principle for winter camping is layering.  Several layers of non-absorbing clothing that can be taken off when active and put back on when less active is ideal.  These layers should be of non-absorbing fabrics again like wool or polyester.  Fleece or wool sweaters or vests are great.  Cotton should not be used here either.  Two to three pieces are recommended.
  • Outer Shell – A winter jacket with hood works great.


  • Personal items – Toothbrush, toothpaste, handi-wipes, deodorant, etc.  Packing them in plastic bag is helpful to keep them together and makes it easier to find.
  • Sleeping
  • Sleeping bag (indoor) – You will sleep in your own sleeping bag in a bunk house—this could be an ‘indoor’ bag.


  • Regular clothes – Come out to camp in regular clothes.  You will use your winter clothes starting Saturday after breakfast through Sunday before lunch.  Bring a change of socks and underwear.
  • Lip protection – A Chap Stick type product.
  • Sunscreen – The sun reflecting off the snow can burn your face and ears.
  • Sunglasses – Needed to protect your eyes from the bright winter sun and reflection off the snow.
  • Flashlight or headlamp – bring extra batteries.
  • Personal medical supplies – Bring any medicine you will need in its original container with name and dosage.  Give these to your leader.
  • Health History – Fill out and bring a Health History Form.
  • Camera – Capture the fun of North Wind and prove that you were hearty enough to camp outside in the winter.
  • Optional:  Frame pack, rain suit (good for carving out snow shelters and as an added layer), pocket knife.
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