Monday, November 20, 2017

We want your stay at Cub Scout resident camp to be comfortable and enjoyable. For that reason we provide you and your group with some of the best facilities and equipment you’ll find anywhere. Dependent on which camp you choose you will have different sleeping accommodations, all of which are provided to all participants.

  • Tents (provided at all camps): Camp provides two person tents with mattresses for sleeping on. You may also choose to bring your own tents.
  • Cabins (available at Kiwanis and Stearns Cub camps): Cabins are usually “bunkhouse” style and will have room for 4-50 people in them.
  • Program Facilities: Our camps have beautiful facilities to make your experience comfortable. These include nature centers, dining halls, climbing towers, shower houses and much more.
  • Food: All of your meals will be prepared by our licensed kitchen staff and are approve by a dietician to be healthy and complete. We even do the dishes for you too!
  • Trading Post: At camp you’ll have time to explore our camp store and get snack, clothing, and souvenirs.


Cub Scout Climbing
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